1929 Ford Roadster
The 1928 Ford you see before you has a story that movies are made of. Well actually, more like what bad reality shows are made of. You see, in the summer of 2010, we at Sib's were all sitting around crying about how monster garage had been canceled... and we had a thought. Let's build a car in 48 hours. We would film it all and do it just for the sake of the build. Our only criteria was this, the car needs to be well built. No cutting corners, just a nice simple roadster in 48 hours. Also we wanted it to be realistic. No reproduction body, no kit chassis, and no pre built "kit" components. Jim enlisted the able hands of Shaun Fedei, Alan Henderson, Alex Holwieger, and Justin Cooley to do the work. They divided into 2 teams, with Shaun and Alan tackling the chassis while Jim, Alex, and Justin tended to the body. Jim has a small junk yard behind Sib's place, which houses more than a few old rusty bodies. Jim and the boys went out back and cut the best pieces off of  a couple of '29 sports coupes, and the cowl and floor section from a roadster. After sandblasting the pieces they welded up a fairly nice little body. The trio suicided the doors from one of the coupes, cut them down and narrowed up the jams. Then they molded in the roadster stantions to the roadster cowl, and attached them all to the nicest subframe they had. With this completed they made and installed all of the typical patch panels, hollowed out a gastank section and turned it into the dash. In the mean time Shaun and Alan were busy building a chassis. To begin with, they took a set of American stamping '32 style rails and jigged them up on Sibs frame jig. they then built all of the necessary cross members, boxed the frame set it up for the 9 inch Ford rearend, 383 small block Chevy and the turbo 350 transmission.
About this time, which was around 30 hours into the build, Jim and his guys were ready to get the body on the frame. Once on the frame, Justin made the headers from scratch, Jim mounted up the steering gear and Alex started in on the body work with the help of Shaun and Alan. Once it was straight enough for primer, The guys took the body back off and Shaun and Alan ran brakes, fuel lines and wiring while the others mounted up the radiator, lights, gauges and shifter. When the 48 hours was up, the car was just as you see it here except interior, final prep, and paint. This was all done the following week. After a trip to the DMV for registration, this lil' roaster was ready for a summer of cruizing. At the end of the summer, Jim sold the car and split the money with all of his friends. Making this a really fun experience and a nice little boost for all of the guys wallets as the long Washington winter set in.