1934 Chevy
The 1934 Chevy was never built as a hot rod. When first produced they were an elegant coupe, considerably larger than its Ford counterpart.
When Jim Sibley decided to do a '34 Chevy in his unique style, he knew it needed to be brought down in scale. After chopping, narrowing , shortening and sectioning it he realized he had a winner. 
The 409 c.i motor, turbo 400 transmission, and early Oldsmobile rearend were selected to give the Chevy a strict "Bowtie" foundation. The custom mixed orange paint was also selected as a tribute to the G.M  only theme of the car. Wanting it to have a heavy race influence, the car needed a wild chassis to set it off. The styling of an early dragster was chosen and Jim and Jack Runner designed a Dragmaster style frame for it.
What you see here is our attempt at a 60's show car with the heart of a race car of the same period.