1957 Chevy
Sib's Hotrods is often called upon to finish projects that have been left unfinished in barns throughout America. This 1957 Chevy was a project that had been in the works for many years when Jim
Sibley was called in to get it sewn up. When
Jim received the car, it had a nice black paint job from the doors back. The 355 c.i Chevy had been installed but was not in running order, and it had a 4 speed manual transmission. Jim's job was to take over where the owner had left off years ago. The 4 speed was replaced with a N.O.S. B&M hydrostick transmission.
After this the guys at Sib's repaired the old wiring harness, and completed  the plumbing on the brakes, Jim and the guys turned their attewntion to the paint. The old '57 had been sitting around  for a while, so the paint was showing some wear. Jim decided to repaint it and match the frontend. The owner suggested a teardrop scoop to cover the 4/71 supercharger. Once this was accomplished, he layed out the flames and sprayed them in a custom mix of silver and blue. After that was completed,  the guys at Sib's finished the assembly and helped to complete this really cool car that had been in the works for way too long.