1965 Mustang
We all know it is hard to mess with the lines of a 1965 Mustang. Ford had it right when they built the car that would start the muscle car age of the 60's. Not wanting to mess with perfection, Sib's decided to call on the stylings of one of the greats. You see ,way back in 1965 Carol Shelby tweeked the little pony cars into a real racing machine. His best known version was the GT Fastback made famous by the classic film ,Gone In 60 Seconds. What most people don't know is that Shelby also made a very limited number of GT style cars to race overseas in a road race class that only allowed for true 4 seater passenger cars. Thus, he used the Coupe. What you see here is an excellent example of one of Shelby's little Coupes.
It is complete with the correct dual carbed 302 V8, 4 speed transmission, dual piston disc brakes, sway bars and even the full frame chassis. This car is a true rocket to drive and it handles as good as it looks. This car is completely street legal, but it is also VERY comfortable on a vitage race cource, carving corners and roasting tires, as well as its competition.