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1928 Roadster... Redrod
            The Redrod is a hand formed car from Sib's Hotrods. Jim began with a gas tank and a door from a 1928 Ford Roadster. He wanted to build something a little different. Something that looked like it was speeding, even while standing still.
The entire frame, body, headlights, and tail lights were hand made to give the car the appearance of speed. Jim used the motor and transmission from a 1962 Corvette to motivate the little rod. He chose a 1950 Ford rearend to hang out back for all to see. Jim chose a real 1932 Ford grill shell, and dropped '32 heavy axle to keep the overall look as period correct as he could. This car was built in just 8 weeks. With a total build cost of just under $15,000, Jim made a really cool car that almost any rodder could afford to put in his shop.