A long time before Sib's Hotrods was a shop, Jim Sibley was just a young man with a passion for cars. When he was in his early twenties, his roommate brought home a 1931 Ford Coupe. Jim was hooked. It just so happened that their neighbor had a beat up old coupe body laying in his yard. Not realizing his need for a rusty old coupe, Jim moved away. A couple of years later, he had gotten a steady job and had a little extra cash. Jim trekked back to the old neighborhood and pounded on his ex-neighbor's door. After striking a deal, he hauled the rotting carcass of that model A home. Looking through  the magazines of the time, Jim was hoping to get some ideas. What he found was a sea of ultra low, flat black cars with Small Block Chevy's for power. This is when he decided to build the shiniest hotrod he could. Jim also figured a tall car with some huge meats hanging out the back would stand out at his local car shows. Jim had always had a thing for the beauty of the Buick Nailhead, and he knew his car would have to sport a 4 speed to be a real hotrod. After 4 short months, the Spider-rod emerged from Jim's 2 car garage, and he knew that he needed to build over the top hotrods for the rest of his life. I guess you could say that the car in these photos brought about the existence of Sib's Hotrods.  With over 150 real hot rods built since this one, I would have to say that was a good start to a fun life and career.